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STEM is abbreviated from the words: “Science, Technology, Engineering, Math”. In simple terms, this method provides students with comprehensive knowledge of the above four areas by combining theoretical and practical learning, practical activities, and life experiences.

STEM allows students to discuss regularly, draw conclusions and memorize knowledge more deeply. It can be said that STEM method is like a hammer, helping to break the long-standing wall between academic and reality.

After a period of formation and development, the STEM method was improved to STEAM. The “A” in STEAM stands for “Art” – “Art”.

If STEM education focuses on solving problems with thinking and analytical skills, STEAM is different in that it helps students explore similar subjects, but incorporates creative thinking and technology, which is applied to teaching, along with practical situations. At the same time, teachers ask students questions and students can ask the opposite questions.

Educators believe that if integrating the “Art” into teaching, students can use both sides of the brain for analysis and creativity. From there, the children will have the best development premise for the future.